PCH G-Thang KITTEN CLUB Vintage Military Camo Jacket

$ 239.00

Vintage genuine US military jackets are our small batch specialty that put us on the fashion map. Each jacket is an authentic piece with its own story and dates back to the world wars. Pieces will show signs of wear and tear, which we feel makes them each unique. The G-Thang Kitten Club jacket is a part of our fall "influencer" collection and will only last while we have supplies. Vintage G-Thang Kitten Club will come with G-Tiger patch, good vibes patch, and other assorted vintage and new patches. Some jackets have original name tapes and badges as well. Hard to get- we just got in today and we know they won’t last long- get yours in store or online! 🇺🇸😍💕 #obsessed #kittenclub #silveraccents #vintage #upcycled #designer #camo #limitededition