TCEC ONASSIS FoldOver MockNeck Sleeveless Woven Top

$ 36.00

Beat the Heat and Covid with this OOTD- we all need a little cheer in our worlds and this outfit is all HAPPY vibes for sure! 🌈:;;;
•Royal ONASSIS FoldOvr MockNk Top,$36
•FAIRE HiWst ButtonUp Pleated Short,$32;
•BRIGHT SIDE Rainbow ClrBlk Sandal, $44;
•DIFF Polarized SUMMIT Sunnies,$95
•ERIMISH 5pc AURORA Bracelet Set, $35;;
•ASSTD Hand Embroidered Face Mask, $11
Perfect outfit for Senior&Family pics, Rush/Recruitment- any event! All pieces available in store or ONLINE- FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50!! 💙⭐️🌈 ootd #vibrant #silveraccents #fashion #style #colorblock #boutique #happyvibes #maskstomatch