MENTOR Leopard SmockWaist CurveHem Maxi Skirt

$ 39.00

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Season’s hottest Maxi skirt cut combined with Go-To Leopard equals WIN! 

OOTD- you can’t beat a casual,cool concert tank- pair it with leopard and it’s a win! I want it all! 🎉:;
•DAYDRMR LedZeppelin Tank,$64;
•MENTOR Leopard Maxi Skirt, $39
•FREE PPL Lt Blue AMELIA Jkt, $98;
•NM Loop D’ Loop Braid Sandal, $78;
•ERIMISH 5pc Bracelet Set, $7each;

This outfit is so casual and easy- wear it anywhere- so chic! All pieces available in store or ONLINE- FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50!! 😍⭐️🎉 #ootd #ledzeppelin #silveraccents #fashion #style #boutique #daydreamer #maxiskirt #leopardprint