JAK Plaid UPTOWN Hooded Twofer Fleece Top

$ 128.00

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Hopefully we were able to capture the true fabulousness of this stunningly unique top! Every once in a few markets I run across a line that stands out among the rest and is fashion forward, edgy and yet totally wearable... our newest designer line JAK is definitely that line! This UPTOWN Plaid Twofer Hooded Fleece Top, $128 is so unique and amazing! It literally looks like you have three pieces on-fleece top, black hoodie and then the plaid distressed vest all layered up, but it's really just one lightweight top! I love the contrast of the preppy UPTOWN Graphics paired with the edgy style of the Plaid and fleece. Styled here with FLYING MONKEY Soft Touch DUSTY DAWN Skinnies, $58; TUSTIN Suede Fringe Wedge Booties, $44; SA BRACELET BAR Stretch Crystal Bracelets, $9-$44. Head to toe edgy chic, super soft- you can't go wrong! Literally turn heads and be a trendsetter all at once!