DAYDREAMER Classic QUEEN Crest Sweatshirt Top

$ 110.00

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You’ve seen the legendary QUEEN crest, but never like this. Instead of another gray sweatshirt, opt for this iconic punchy pink—it’s a major mood booster and makes an outfit seriously pop. And since comfort is everything this year, keep cute and cozy in one of our brightest fall gems- our DAYDREAMER Classic QUEEN Crest Sweatshirt, $110 is not only a collector’s piece but a must have!🥰 Made by your team of Daydreamers, right here in the USA!🇺🇸 Everything from knitting, dyeing, sewing, printing to the packaging! You will want every style in this HUGE shipment- available in store or online- FREE SHIPPING!!👑🎤🎸#queen #crest #daydreamerla #silveraccents #bandtees #concerttees #sweatshirt #madeintheusa #freeshipping #collectthemall