$59 EASTER BUNNY Assortment Basket

$ 100.00

We’re playing EASTER BUNNY 🐰 this year and ordering and making fabulous goodies for all your honey bunnies! $58 EASTER BUNNY basket pictured here includes:: Living Royal EASTER LLAMA AnkleSocks; CL M&M Chocolate/Caramel Candied Apple; PEEP Bunny Bath Bomb; OH SUGAR Nams Cookie Jar and Easter MixUp Pops; SUNNY SEEDS Chocolate Sunflower Seed Carrot and Bunny Face Candies; - all for $59!! You can purchase as is or we can customize to your colors/needs! Order Online, DM or Call, and we can custom make any basket with any limit- EASTER BUNNY can do it all! Stay tuned for more basket options $25-$100+. πŸ°πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’– #makinglifeeasier #easterbunny #customize #giftidea #silveraccents #shoplocal #ordernow