BEER PAW 6oz (25pcs) Craft Beer Dog Treats

$ 8.00

These delicious, peanut buttery biscuits won’t get your dog drunk — but they will get him buzzing with excitement! 🐶 BEER PAWS Peanut Butter and also Pumpkin Beer Biscuits are high-protein, high-fiber, low fat treats. 🍺🍻The key ingredient in Beer Paws Beer Biscuits is recycled barley and other grains that we get from craft beer makers. Peanut Butter flavor is available in 10pc bag, $4 and 12 oz Tub, $12. Pumpkin flavor is available in 6oz. Bag, $8. Spoil your pups with treats, a new toy or outfit- because why not?! Everything pictured available in store or online- FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50!! 🍻🦴🐶 #beerbiscuits #beerpaws #giftbasket #giftsgalore #puppylove #silveraccents #spoileddogsrock #treats